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Maaveeran Kittu : Movie Review (Tamil)

Maaveeran Kittu: The Story of a Rebel!
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Suseenthiran’s Maaveeran Kittu is the story of the ‘Others’ in the society. He begins the story in 1980’s backdrop and slowly unveils the simmering conflict between the upper caste and the less privileged in a small village called Pudhur. The lower caste has Chinnarasu (Pratheepan) as their defender and leader to advocate their rights. The upper caste lobby is led by a shrewd and cunning Panchayat President Govindan and an equally brutal Sub Inspector Selvaraj (Harish Uthaman) who blocks every path of the under privileged that leads to self-reliance, progress and development.

Chinnarasu sees a heir to his movement in Kittu, a Dalit topper.  For Kittu, Chinnarasu is his mentor, guru and benefactor and therefore, he happily accepts the suggestion of Chinnarasu to pursue civil service so that he can become a collector. The new star in the village becomes a talking point among the upper caste and they hatch plots to thwart Kittu’s dream to be a collector. Vishnu Vishal as Kittu plays the role well. He is able to bring forth the feeling, complexity and the desire to excel as a Dalit very well. Pratheepan as Chinnarasu is a firebrand on screen. At times it gets confusing to figure out who is the actual hero – Kittu or Chinnarasu? Probably both!

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Gomathi (Sri Divya) as the love interest of Kittu is good but could have got some more key scenes to propel the story forward which doesn’t happen. Therefore, she is contained to the limited space of romancing, stay in awe of the hero and nothing else.

Suseenthiran’s well-intentioned movie is a joy to watch because ‘Maaveeran Kittu’ raises many pertinent questions that is still relevant and attracts our attention to ponder on. There are issues of casteism, inter-caste marriage, honor killing, atrocities against the under privileged and human right violations. The plot is simple and the story telling is subtle but straight forward. Music by D Imam is good. The lyrics by Yughabharathi are good and the songs are hummable and pleasant. In the process of adding more emotion and to make the end intense an untimely song at the end dampens the climax to some extent which could have been well avoided because even without that the film could have made an impact.

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The drawback of the movie is that there too many characters who are introduced but are not well etched out to stay in the minds of the viewers. The movie could have also worked upon its editing part that would have made the story telling more intense and the conflict and the plight of the hapless more moving. The movie is more about Chinnarasu and his vision and Kittu is merely a part of a bigger gamble, therefore, the tile could have been dedicated to Chinnarasu. Throughout the movie, I was trying to find reasons to justify the tile but failed to do so. Maybe, the climax according to the filmmaker has ample reasons to justify the title. The movie had the potential to be much better and a crowd puller had it been executed brilliantly.

Nevertheless, such socially relevant movies always find a way to reach the viewer’s hearts and minds easily and so does ‘Maveeran Kittu’ too. It is definitely a onetime watch.

Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Vishnu Vishal (Kitttu), R Pratheepan (Chinnarasu), Sri Divya (Gomthi), Soori (Thangarasu), Kasi Vswanathan, Harish Uthaman (Selvaraj), Kayal Pereira

Genre: Social Drama

Director: Suseenthiran

Producers: icewear Chandrasamy, D.N. Thai Saravanan, Rajeevan

Story by: Suseethiran

Screenplay: Suseethiran

Dialogues: Yugabharathi

Music by: D Imman

Cinematography: Soorya A. R.

Edited by: Kasi Viswanathan

Production Company: Asian Cine Combines

Distributor: Nallu Samy Pictures

Release Date: 2nd December, 2016

Duration: 125 Minutes

Language: Tamil