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Pink : Movie Review

Pink: She is on the Warpath!
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Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury's 'Pink' is a must watch to know what actually a 'No' means because a 'No' is not just a word; it means a choice, right, and decision of a woman to execute her feeling she is going through then and there. And men need to learn to respect their choice and right to say 'No' and that a single woman, a friendly girl, or a woman who shares a drink doesn't mean that she is available. Rashmi Sharma and Shoojit Sircar, the producers of the movie has teamed up with the Shahenshah of Bollywood to give us an entirely different message through 'Pink'. Shoojit Sircar had already won many hearts for his previous film 'Piku'.  Ably directed by Aniruddha Chowdhury who has given some memorable and remarkable Bengali films like Anuranan, Antahin, and Aparajita Tumi has indeed made a dashing Bollywood debut through Pink.

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Pink unrolls an incident of molestation and attempt to rape that embroils the life of three working women Meenal Arora, Falak Ali and Andrea in Delhi which results into a nightmare for them. A late night out at a rock concert followed by a dinner invite at a resort in Surajkund by three boys whom they met through a common friend triggers a chain of unpleasant incidents that rocks their peaceful life.

Some incidents can break you or it can make you strong. When you are pushed against the wall you have two choices: one, to succumb to the pressure and two, to gather all your might to push back and free yourself from the opponent to let him know that you are not yet ready to accept defeat. The three women in question opted for the second as they were not left with any other choice like many other women in our country by the men who have a patriarchal and feudal mindset of seeing women as weaklings and lesser beings.

Pink goes ballistic through its plot against the atrocities that is unleashed every day in the life of millions of women in our country and around the world. Amitabh Bachchan as Deepak Sehgal, a retired lawyer has been a silent witness of the whole ordeal the three girls have gone through who actually stays across his flat, decides to take up the case as their defense lawyer. The courtroom drama that hovers around the incident takes many satirical digs on male chauvinism, conservative mindset of our so-called progressive society, its misconception about perfect womanhood and their selective moral yardsticks for women.

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Amitabh Bachchan in his unique style and baritone voice spews anger as the defense counsel and list down points that can be made into a  'Women Safety Manual Rule Book' based on the arguments presented by his equally talented counterpart and prosecution lawyer Prashant played by Piyush Mishra in the film. Both Amitabh Bachchan and Piyush Mishra are outstanding and ups the court room drama by their performances, though, at times they go a bit over board and are found to be rhetoric. Dhritiman Chatterjee as the presiding judge makes the whole proceedings intriguing by his comments and timely interventions between the warring lawyers defending their clients.

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Angad Bedi who plays the spoiled brat Rajveer who is the son of a politician stands apart and has done an impressive act. He is well supported by Raashul Tandon as Dumpy and Tushar Pandey as Vishwa who tries to broker peace between the girls and the boys. Vijay Varma one among the boys who actually was not there during the said incident plays a perfect misogynist pig who is hell bent to teach the girls a lesson for going against them. Mamta Malik as the Haryanvi SHO who manipulates with the FIR register and is found to favour the politician's brats leaves a mark through her performance.

All the three girls are so realistic in their performance that you go through the ordeal along with them. The pain, embarrassment in the court, the anger, the outburst, the helplessness and all those emotional upheavals they go through becomes your own. They have only one to look upon that is their guardian angel Deepak Sehgal. Taapsee Pannu as Minal is brilliant, consistent and credible in her role. She is well supported by Kirti Kulhari as Falak Ali. Kirti's outburst followed by a breakdown moves you and numbs you. It's hard to take humiliation and even harder when the world casts doubt on you for no fault of yours. She turned the tables on her tormentors by her bold and shocking statement and makes a point loud and clear that a 'No' is a 'No'!  Andrea Tariang as a girl from Meghalaya representing the 'North East' tag enacts very well her vulnerabilities and fear of being considered as the 'Other' in her own country and how hard it is to escape the prying eyes of the perverts who think that girls from their part of the country means 'Available'.

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Pink despite its strong social message and stellar performances from all the actors has its share of flaws. A few to mention without revealing much: why the boys and their family remains low once the case goes to the court even after being in power and having all the muscle power is not mentioned or justified; after the Surajkund molestation bid there is another kidnap and molestation that happens with one of the girl in a moving car in the busy streets of Delhi which is not raised or even mentioned in the court by the defense lawyer Deepak Sehgal; the kind hearted and supporting house owner played by Vijay Nagpal is not even called or mentioned in the court as a party to collect evidence against the boys; the defense lawyer and his bipolar disorder is fleetingly mentioned and conveniently ignored; the ailing wife of the retired lawyer and they being a childless couple in the story doesn't further the story telling in any way.

Nevertheless, Pink is a must watch because such movies need to be appreciated for its social relevance and for its potential of being a change catalyst.  It is powerful, brave and unadulterated. Go and watch along with your family because women play a significant role and completes a family and this film is about her. Pink has a message for both men and women - Men who doesn't understand the value of a woman and women who still thinks and believes that Men needs to be in control of everything. While you watch the closing credits roll with the scenes of that fateful night at the resort in Surajkund you will also hear a powerful poem in the background recited by Amitabh Bachchan. The poem will stay with you and remind you to be bold and fearless to stand for your rights and equality.

"Tu Khud Ki Khoj Mai Nikal                                                                                           Tu Kis Liye Hathash Hai                                                                                                    Tu Chal Tere Vajud Ki                                                                                                    Samay Ko Bhi Talash Hai"

Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 4/5

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan (Deepak Sehgal), Taapsee Pannu (Minal Arora), Kirti Kulhari (Falak Ali), Andrea Tariang (Andrea), Angad Bedi (Rajveer Singh), Raashul Tandon (Raunak Anand aka Dumpy), Tushar Pandey (Vishwa), Mamta Malik as Haryanvi Police officer Sarala Premchand), Dhritiman Chatterjee (Judge), Vijay Verma (Ankit Malhotra), Dibang (ACP), Mamta Shankar (Sara), Vinod Nagpal (Kasturi Lal), Sudhanva Deshpande (Javed), Pawan Mahendroo (Minal's Father)

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Director: Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury

Producers: Rashmi Sharma, Shoojit Sircar

Story by: Ritesh Shah

Screenplay: Ritesh Shah

Music by: Shantanu Moitra, Faiza Mujahid, Anupam Roy

Cinematography: Abhik Mukhopadhyay

Edited by: Bodhaditya Banerjee

Production: Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited

Distributor: NH Studioz

Release Date: 16th September, 2016

Duration: 136 Minutes

Language: Hindi