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Movie Review: M Cream

M Cream: High on Drugs & Sex!
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I wonder why some movies are made and after watching M Cream I feel may be they are made because we can watch how movies can be made even when you have nothing to say. M Cream is about four youths who bonds in a late night party in one of Delhi’s farmhouses. Figs (Imaad Shah), Jay (Ira Dubey), Niz (Raaghav Chanana) and Maggie (Auritra Ghosh) are always high on drugs and believe in the casualness of life.

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Jay a postmodern intellectual who spouts about freedom, human rights, corruption and environmental issues finds herself in disagreement with Figs who is cynical about everything in life. Figs (Figaro) is in his own world of writing and jotting his thoughts in a diary he carry with him and keeps telling that “Muje sirf charas se pyaar hai”. The two unlikely pairs bond over a time because Jay feels that Figs and she are not so different.

Niz a photographer knows Jay and both are bound to Dharamshala on an assignment to cover the Free Tibetan Movement. Figs and Maggie decides to join them to deal with the sudden undersupply of drugs in the party circuits in Delhi. The existence of M Cream, a mythical drug in the Himalayas drives this foursome to take a road journey together in an open jeep. Figs finds this road journey to Mababajagal, believed to be the world’s oldest democracy is also an escape from the clutches of his parents, Mr. Mrs Bhardwaj’s (Tom Alter & Lushin Dubey) plan to bind him to further academic pursuits and internship with a corporate law firm and Maggie who is a rich pampered brat takes this like any other opportunity to be carefree with Niz.

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Written and directed by Agneya Singh, M Cream is terribly boring and pretentious to its hilt. The characters and their political, social and philosophical discussions and deliberations throughout the film are superficial and hollow. One wonders what actually Agneya Singh wants to convey. Did he want to portray the transformational journey of four youths from waywardness to finding a purpose in life? Did he want to depict the dilemma of being a conformist and a rebel? Did he want to say that it is the person who ultimately finds the purpose and not the other way round? ‘In the throes of anarchy and chaos’; ‘A generation at war itself’; and ‘On the road to rebellion’ are a few taglines the trailer depicts. Then he has miserably failed to convey the message emphatically and portray the same authentically.

What is good about M Cream is its cinematography and its bunch of talented young and veteran actors. M Cream received the ‘Best feature film award’ at the Rhode Island International film Festival 2014 and it has been screened in more than a dozen International film festivals.

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Let me quote Figaro here to express what one feels after watching the movie: “I know the world is a fucked up place But I am also smart enough to know that there is nothing that you or I sitting here in this beautiful posh farmhouse can do about it”. So, let’s hope and wait for Agneya Singh to come out of his love, sex, drugs and rebel-induced hangover and present us a much more sensible and relevant movie. In short, India’s first stoner movie ‘M Cream’ as the filmmaker claims disappoints.

Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 0.5/5

Cast: Imaad Shah (Figaro), Ira Dubey (Jay), Auritra Ghosh (Maggie), Raaghav Chanana (Niz), Tom Alter (Mr. Bhardwaj), Lushin Dubey (Mrs. Bharadwaj), Barry John (Vishnu Das), Beatrice Ordeix (Marie Sartre)

Genre: Road movie

Director: Agneya Singh

Producer: Vindhya Singh

Produced by: Agniputra Films

Written by: Agneya Singh

Music by: Srijan Mahajan, Arsh Sharma, Mikhil Malik

Cinematography: Mingjue Hu

Distributor: All Rights Entertainment

Released by: PVR Cinemas

Release Date: 22nd July, 2016

Duration: 114 Minutes

Language: English/Hindi