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Movie Review: 7 Hours To Go

7 Hours To Go: A Ho-Hum Movie!
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There is a dialogue in this movie – “Revenge is a dish best served cold”. Saurabh Varma’s ‘7 Hours To Go’ was indeed served very cold. It tried hard to be intense during the unfolding of the plot initially but soon it reminded me every second it’s time to ‘Go’ out of the theatre.

Arjun Ranavat (Shiv Pandit) walks into Mumbai’s crowded High Court and takes seven hostages and offers seven hours to an already tizzy police force taken unaware to handover Kabeer Khemka (a Business Tycoon embroiled in corrupt practices played by Rohit Vir) to him. Why all this drama because Arjun Ranavat want to settle scores with this high profile tycoon for killing Maya (Natasa Stankovic), his girlfriend.

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Meanwhile, when an over-confident police officer Ramesh Dadhke (Varun Badola) is charged up to easily tame this captor by his wits and easy going experienced cop image, Dadhke is amused by the unusual demand put forward by Arjun to summon ACP Shuklaji to deal with him. And when the viewers are awaiting to watch the grand entry of Shukhlaji, there enters a beautiful, slick and stylish cop ACP Nandini Shukla (Sandeepa Dhar) running behind criminals fearlessly through the crowded streets of Mumbai. Shukhlaji is not only rough and tough but doesn’t hesitate even to pull her shirt off to change into a blue colored tee shirt in front of a local investigative journalist whose eyes are popping with amazement. Saurabh Varma not only make his super cop undress but also another hostage to do the same act slipping quickly into a body hugging outfit for her dare devil act. And as if he is not yet done with it, he makes a sexy sultry damsel join a Ganpati Bappa Visarjan rally to dance to a number ‘Aaja Mahinder Dance, Dalinder Dance’. Maybe, he believes that all these acts would intensify the thrill of watching the hostage and heist drama and add some brownie points for his efforts. Unfortunately, these scenes turns out to be unnecessary add on and has nothing to do with the brewing plot.

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When you start believing Arjun Pandit’s solo captor act, you are introduced to some unexpected partners in crime. And why they are with him is fleetingly mentioned and lacks credibility. Ordinary people turning tech  savvy and acting like specially trained commandos cracking high secured areas and security systems becomes too much to take. To add to your woes there is a childlike dual personality snipper Amol Palekar (Kettan Singh) who is given supari by the tycoon to bump off Arjun Ranavat. Kettan Singh’s excessive screen time is unjustified and his psycho act is less intimidating and more funny. He seems to be a misplaced character in 7 hours To Go.

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Shiv Pandit as Arjun Ranavat is good and puts a brave front. Though, Varun Badola as Ramesh Dadhke keeps you in good humour he occasionally goes overboard in his act. Sandeepa Dhar as ACP tries hard to be a rough and tough cop but seems to be trapped in her slick and stylish looks. Rohit Vir’s Kabeer Khemka act falls short of being villainous.  

In short, Saurabh Varma’s ‘7 Hours To Go’ is supposedly inspired by a true event that happened several years ago when a captor hijacked a passenger bus who made some similar demands in Mumbai. Saurabh after his ‘Mickey Virus’ yet again fails to woo the audience to his side with this so-called thriller. The climax of the movie indicates a possible sequel, hope he dares not again and if at all he does let’s hope he comes up with the best. So go and watch ‘7 Hours To Go’ at your own risk.

Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 1.5/5

Cast: Shiv Pandit (Arjun Ranavat), Sandeepa Dhar (ACP Nandini Shukla),Varun Badola (Ramesh Dhadke), Natasa Stankovic (Maya)

Genre: Thriller

Director: Saurabh Varma

Producers: Nitika Thakur

Music by: Hanif Shaikh, Sugat Shubham

Cinematography: Milind Jog

Edited by: Nitin FCP

Production: Krian Pictures

Distributor: Reliance Entertainment

Release Date: 24th June, 2016

Duration: 120 Minutes

Language: Hindi