Sunday, April 19, 2015


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The long big worm-like machine was amazing with lot of windows, doors and many people in it. Dipanshu was awestruck by the colossal worm-like machine. There were many other similar worms lined up on different railway tracks at designated platforms with full of people in it, smoking, reading, sipping tea, coffee, soups. Dipanshu went into reminiscence, what he and his friends had done with that little greenish worm they had found in the school garden. It was really fun to pick up the worm with a long stick and the way the poor worm tried to wriggle out of their trap. But this is not a worm, this is something what his Dad and people around call - a train. It was really incredible, God knows how does it carry so many people in it?

Dipanshu hurriedly walked along with his Dad and Mom making way through the crowd towards the long big worm. He saw many people rushing to the platform. The crowd jostled him into the coach. It was Dipanshu's first journey in a train. He was so excited since his parents broke the news to him that he will spend a brief vacation at his aunt's house this time. For Dipanshu, this was going to be one of the most memorable summer of his life. The train inside resembled a small cozy home; he grinned and settled near the window tapping his feet.

Finally, Dipanshu heard someone blow the whistle and the train with a sudden jerk slowly pulled out of the station. The people in the train bid adieu to their relatives and friends on the platform who have come to see them off. Like all the children in the world Dipanshu too was talkative. Within a short span of time he became the blue-eyed boy in the bogie. He was enjoying the new-found attention and the experience of the jerky journey. Trees, bushes, farms, villages, and rail-way crossings flashed past his window. As time passed, gradually the initial excitement was gone. There was no other child to play with him. He looked through the window, bored and quite tired with the world inside the train.

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But for Dipanshu life was not meant to be bored, he found his new play mate among the trees and sometimes behind the small hills. It moved, skipped and jumped high and low, oh my God, Dipanshu realized that the round faced orange-colored Sun was best at its tricks. It was playing bo-peep with him. It was luring and slowly Dipanshu started playing with his friend, whom he called - "Hey Sunny". He liked playing with Sunny because it was different from his friends. This red-yellowish round faced companion always came out from its hiding and took chance to be caught again and again by Dipanshu. And he loved winning all the time. There was no need to run here and there, he just needed to peep through both the windows simultaneously jumping from one seat to the opposite seat.

The green fields, trees, bushes, valleys, and the rivers they crossed all added more fun and frolic to their game. Slowly, the game became more intense and interesting until Dipanshu's Dad and Mom intervened. He was becoming a nuisance to the world of adults. He was pulled away from the window by his Dad thus putting an end to his wonderful game. But Sunny continued to play bo-peep unaware of the happenings.

Dipanshu was guided to the washbasin to wash his face and hands by his Dad. A cool wind was blowing through the open iron door of the moving long big worm-like machine. Dipanshu's eyes were frantically looking to catch a glimpse of Sunny while his face was being wiped by his Dad. There, behind the small bald hill Sunny appeared cheerful, Dipanshu with a lightning speed freed himself from the hold of his Dad and rushed near the door.

There was a sudden jerk... blood splattered over the rails and on the tracks...people shouted, screamed, wailed.... someone pulled the chain.... the long big worm-like machine came to a halt...

The train slowly pushed itself forward after someone blew a whistle and soon it gathered the speed of the wind. The round-faced beaming Sunny appeared from nowhere in search of a new little friend to continue to play bo-peep and say "Peekaboo!", to create their paradise where no one dares to intervene...